February 20, 2024

About Us

Who, What, Where, When and Why

What is GameRifts.com?
GameRifts.com is a dedicated fan-site bringing events, gossip, news (sometimes), rumors, and special interest topics related to and for the MMORPG community. “For the players, by the players.” It’s our goal to bring you a community minded site that you can call home for years to come in whatever game you might choose to find yourself playing in.

What is a MMORPG?
There are several acronyms running around the Internet such as MMOG, MOG, MORPG, etc. It’s basically a massively multi-player online role-playing game, which allows thousands of users to interact simultaneously within a game world’s hosted servers and a graphical setting. Usually you must purchase he game at a retail fee and then subscribe with a monthly fee to play. While some games of the past were considered massively multi-player due to their support of hundreds of players simultaneously, times have changed.

What games does GameRifts.com cover?
We cover any games that are not browser or text based only. We do not cover online gambling sites, or anything related other then topics of interest for the MMOG market.

How and when did GameRifts.com get started, I just found it?
Founded in July of 2001, GameRifts.com came about in a most unusual way. Having been an online gamer for years, and involved in many of the games out there, we, as players saw our ‘Holy Grail’ to gaming. To support what would hopefully be the reward after years of searching for that next great game, we founded a fan site dedicated to bringing, building and fostering a community centered on the game all of us would play.

Dirk Ranger summed it up best:

Our community’s experience goes beyond mere gaming and includes a great many people who have experience as online gaming staff (not only in our former home of Neverwinter but in numerous online gaming communities since then).

QUALITY -First and foremost, we are a community that prides ourselves on our level of expertise.

INNOVATION -We are THE community that invented the concept and coined the term Player vs. Player combat (PvP). NO other community can claim this!

UNCOMPROMISING ROLE-PLAY -Included in our ranks are the most distinguished role-players in any realm.

So are you. If it were not for us, the gamers, we would not have the vast assortment of games that are coming to play. Currently there are 20 Games in Development, 5 in Commercial and all of them have issues and problems, that only a select few gaming sites actually speak out loud about.

This site is dedicated to bring you, the player’s views to light. Hopefully gaming companies will hear our calls and take action. Player’s will not blindly purchase games that they read in magazines that were ‘Great.’ They will hear about the issues from the players, by the players, and choose wisely how they will spend that next 60 dollars on a game.

Is GameRifts.com a Rant Site?
No. Others Rant. We do have commentaries that those of the community wish to share and express though. On the same token were also not cookie cutter, cut and paste news site. We are not journalists, nor are we card-carrying members of the press. We are involved in many games. We play them. There are issues with them (the games). Some game companies do great things; others’ are still trying. In the end, who pays? We do as players.

The Goal of GameRifts is to help build Communities that Gaming Companies will interact with to resolve issues, in a mature and beneficial manner for all of us. With you and us, together we can achieve our goals. Without having to worry about being banned from Message boards, threads locked or removed, or our views being suppressed.

As we travel the rifts in online gaming, we hope that the portals to these games, and the views all of us share, make a difference.

Who is the team at GameRifts?
Currently the Team consists of several of us you will meet over time, or already know. We have been around in gaming for years. From the original table top gaming of Dungeons and Dragons, and other paper titles, to the Online gaming genre’s of the Original NeverWinter Nights, DarkSun Online, TheRealms, Ultima Online, EverQuest, Asheron’s Call, and involved in the games as players coming out.

We’ve been staffers in the various games. We’ve been involved on other websites, we’ve run other websites, and now we are trying our hand at something new. One of the issues all of us have was that the other sites did not allow us to express ourselves that would be fair and honest. Most Networks have ‘play nice rules’ as they look for the corporate funding. We support the games we play with our money that we used to purchase the game, and support with our monthly subscriber payment.

If the game has issues, we want to express these issues. Most Networks will not allow the freedom of expression, as they depend on the revenue generated, and support from their corporate affiliates/parents. This is a site for the players by the players, and thus we hope to support it through other mediums, to get the views and items of interest to you out in the open and expressed.

How do I join the GameRifts Team?
We are always looking for those willing to volunteer for community service that have a love for gaming, and would like to write about the current and upcoming games we as players will be in.

We are a community minded site, and as such if you would be interested in joining the team, submit an article, and email us or as an alternative contact us direct that you’d like to join the team. We are always looking for talented writers who have a love for gaming, and the gift of gab.

You get no perks, no pay, no respect, and no name recognition for writing with us, but you do get to provide a service for those who matter. The Gaming Community.

How do we submit articles?
We encourage and look forward to those from the community submitting related or special interest articles on the various gaming topics we cover. Just head over to the “Submit News” the GameRifts Team will read your article and approve it for front-page coverage or contact you for any further information that may be needed.

You should verify any information that you submit, include links to your sources, and proof read your article before submission. We will only read your article, and those written poorly we be deleted. Take the time to submit a quality article, which will benefit the community. We will not correct spelling issues, broken html, or false information. We will not accept your submission.

We will not allow submissions that have to deal with exploits, bugs or cheats that are determined damaging to a game.
This is site is dedicated to the gaming community, and such posts only damage the game and harm the players in the community.

All submissions become the property of GameRifts.Com